Friday, April 13, 2012

Books I Have Owned, & Do Own

My Personal Library... Books I’ve read
Author name first. pb= paperback / tpb= trade paperback/ hb=hardback

(Dragonlance) Henham, RD –hb- Red Dragon Codex (donated)
(Dragonlance) Hickman, Tracy -hb -Mystic Quest
(Dragonlance) Hickman, Tracy- hb -Mystic Warrior
(Dragonlance) Hickman, Tracy-hb- Mystic Empire
(Dragonlance) Niles, Douglas -pb -Kinslayer Wars
(Dragonlance) Stein, Kevan -pb- Brothers Majere
(Dragonlance) Thompson & Carter -pb -Qualinesti
(Dragonlance) Thompson & Carter -pb -First Born
(Dragonlance) Weis & Hickman -hb -Dragons Dwarven Depths
(Dragonlance) Weis & Hickman –hb- Dragons of the Highlord Skies
(Dragonlance) Weis & Hickman -hb -Dragons of a Lost Star
(Dragonlance) Weis & Hickman -pb -Kender, Gully Dwarves & Gnomes
(Dragonlance) Weis & Hickman -pb- The Magic of Krynn
(Dragonlance) Weis & Hickman -pb- Dragonlance Chronicles (3 in 1)
(Dragonlance) Weis & Hickman -pb -Dragons of Vanished Moon
(Dragonlance) Weis & Hickman -pb -Dragons Summer Flame
(Dragonlance) Weis & Hickman -pb -Dragons of Fallen Sun
(Dragonlance) Weis & Hickman -pb- Love and War
(Dragonlance) Weis & Hickman -pb -Second Generation
(Dragonlance) Weis & Hickman -pb -Soulforge
(Dragonlance) Weis & Hickman -pb/hb -Dragons Autumn Twilight
(Dragonlance) Weis & Hickman -pb/hb -Dragons of Spring Dawning
(Dragonlance) Weis & Hickman -pb/hb -Dragons of Winter Night
(Dragonlance) Weis & Hickman -pb/hb -Test of the Twins
(Dragonlance) Weis & Hickman -pb/hb -Time of the Twins
(Dragonlance) Weis & Hickman- pb/hb – War of the Twins
(Dragonlance) Weis & Perrin -pb -Brothers in Arms
(Dragonlance) Weis, Margaret -hb -Dragons Son
(Dragonlance) Weis, Margaret- hb -Amber and Ashes
(Dragonlance) Weis, Margaret-hb- Amber and Iron
(Dragonlance) Weis, Margaret –hb- Amber and Blood
(Dragonlance) Weis, Margaret -hb- Master of Dragons
(Dragonlance) Weis, Margaret -hb -Mistress of Dragons
(Dragonlance)Weis & Hickman -hb -Dragons Lost Star..donated
(Dragonlance) Weis & Hickman –hb- Bones of the Dragon..donated
(Dragonlance) Weis & Hickman –hb- Secret of t he Dragon..donated
(Dragonlance) Weis & Hickman –hb- Dragons of the Hourglass Mage: The Lost Chronicles, Volume Three

Abalos, Rafael –hb- Grimpow: The Invisible Road
Adams, Richard –pb- Watership Down
Adams, John Joseph –pb- The Way of the Wizard…donated
Adamson, Joe –hb- Groucho, Harpo, Chico & Zeppo
Alcott, Louisa May –hb- Little Women
Aldrin, Buzz –hb- Magnificent Desolation
Aldrin, Collins, Armstrong-hb- First on the Moon
Anderson, R J –hb- Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter (donated)
Ansari, Anousheh- hb- My Dream of Stars (donated)
Anthony, Piers -pb -Dragon on a Pedestal (donated)
Anthony, Piers -pb -Golem in the Gears (donated)
Anthony, Piers -pb- Harpy Tyme (donated)
Anthony, Piers -pb -Heaven Cent (donated)
Anthony, Piers -pb- Man From Mundania (donated)
Anthony, Piers -pb –Nightmare (donated)
Anthony, Piers –hb- A Spell for Chameleon/Source of Magic/Castle Roogna(donald)
Archer, Linda Buckley –tpb- The Time Travelers (gave away)
Archer, Linda Buckley –tpb- The Time Thief (gave away)
Archer, Linda Buckley-hb- The Time Quake (gave away)
Astin, Sean -hb -There and Back Again (gave to library)

Bailey, Pearl –hb- Talking to Myself
Baker, E.D. –hb- Wings: A Fairy Tale (Brent)
Barnes, Jonathan –hb- The Somnambulist (gave to chris)
Barron, T A –hb- The Lost Years of Merlin(gave away)
Basinger, Jeanine –hb- The Star Machine
Baumgartl, Nomi –hb- Elephant Man
Bayard, Louis –hb- Mr Timothy (donated)
Beagle, Peter –pb- Tamsin (donated)
Beagle, Peter –pb- A Fine and Private Place (donated)
Bean, Alan -hb- A Man On The Moon (art)
Beckett, Galen M –hb- The Magicians and Mrs Quent
Beddor, Frank –pb- The Looking Glass Wars (Brent)
Bell, Hilari- hb- A wizard Test (Brent)
Bell, Hilari –hb- The Goblin Wood (Brent)
Benedict, Barbree -pb- Moonshot
Benjamin, Melanie-hb- Alice I have Been ..donated
Benjamin, Melanie –hb- The Autobiography of Mrs Tom Thumb..donated
Berendt, John –hb- Garden of Good and Evil
Berkeley, Jon –hb- The Palace of Laughter (Brent)
Berkeley, Jon- hb-The Tiger’s Egg (Brent)
Berkeley, Jon –hb- The Lightening Key (Brent)
Bishop, Anne –pb- The Black Jewels: Trilogy
Black, Campbell- pb-The Adventures of Indiana Jones (Brent)
Bogdonovich, Peter -tpb- Who The Hell’s In it? (gave away)
Bradbury, Ray –pb- The Martian Chronicles (carl)
Bradley, Marion Zimmer –sb- The Mists of Avalon
Bradley, Alan –hb- Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie donated.pat
Bradley, Alan- pb- The Weed that Strings the Hangmans Bag donated.pat
Bradley, Alan –pb- A Red Herring Without Mustard donated.pat
Bradley, Alan –hb- I Am Half Sick of Shadows donated pat
Brandreth, Gyles-pb- Oscar Wilde and the Candlelight Murders donated pat
Brandreth, Gyles-pb- Oscar Wilde and the Dead Mans Smile donated pat
Brandreth, Gyles-pb- Oscar Wilde and the Ring of Death donated pat
Brandreth, Gyles-hb- Oscar Wilde and a Game Called Murder donated
Brom- tpb- The Child Thief
Brom-hb- the Plucker
Bronte, Emily –pb- Wuthering Heights
Brooks, Terry -pb- The Druid of Shannara
Brooks, Terry -pb- The Elf Queen of Shannara
Brooks, Terry -pb -The Tailsman of Shannara
Brooks, Terry -tpb -Elfstones of Shannara
Brooks, Terry -tpb- Sword of Shannara
Brooks, Terry -tpb- Wishsong of Shannara
Brooks, Terry –tpb- Jarka Ruus
Brooks, Terry-tpb- Straken
Brooks, Terry-tpb- Tankquil
Brownlow, Kevin –pb- The Parade’s Gone By
Bryson, Ellen –hb- The Transformation of Bartholomew Fortuno (donated)
Bryson, Bill –pb- A Walk in the Woods
Bryson, Bill-pb- The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid donated
Bryson, Bill-pb- The Lost Continent donated
Burnett, Francis –hb- Little Lord Fauntleroy
Burnett, Francis-hb- The Secret Garden
Burns, George hb- A Love Story
Byatt, A.S. –hb- The Children’s Book

Cagney, James-tpb- Cagney by Cagney (donated)
Candlewick Press-hb-Wizardology Handbook ( Brent)
Candlewick Press-hb- The Dragonology Handbook (Brent)
Capote, Truman – pb- The Grass Harp donated
Card, Orson Scott –pb- The Dragon Quintet (multiple authors)(carl)
Card, Orson Scott –hb- Pathfinder donated
Carey, Harry Jr. -hb -Company of Hereos (signed)
Carey, Janet Lee -hb- Dragon’s Keep (Brent)
Carey, Janet Lee –hb- The Beast of Noor (Carl)
Carpenter, M. Scott –hb- We Seven: by the Astronauts Themselves
Cashore, Kristin –hb- Graceling (gave away)
Cashore, Kristin –hb- Fire (gave away)
Cassutt, Michael - hb -Who’s Who in Space: The first 25 Years
Ceasar, Sid –hb- Where Have I Been
Cernan, Eugene –pb- The Last Man on the moon
Chaikin, Andrew –pb- A Man on the Moon
Chancy, Lisa –hb- Hide and Seek With Angels: A Life of JM Barrie donated
Charlton, Blake –hb- Spellwright
Cherryh, C J- pb -The Faded Sun: Kutath (signed)
Chevalier, Tracy –hb- Remarkable Creatures
Christie, Agatha –hb- Murder on the Orient Express
Claremont, Chris -hb -Shadow Dawn (donated)
Claremont, Chris -pb- Shadow Moon (donated)
Clarke, Susanna -hb -Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Coelho, Paulo –pb- The Alchemist (donated)
Cohen, Paula Marantz –pb- What Alice Knew donated
Collins, Wilkie –pb- The Woman in White
Collins, Wilkie-pb- Moonstone
Collins, Wilkie –pb- The Haunted Hoted & Other Stories
Connolly, John -hb- The Book of Lost Things (Brent)
Conrad, Nancy –tpb- Rocketman (Pete Conrad)
Cooper, Jackie –hb- Please Don’t Shoot My Dog(donated)
Cooper, Susan –pb- The Dark is Rising
Cooper, Susan –pb- Greenwitch
Cooper, Susan –pb- Over Sea Under stone
Cooper, Susan –pb- Silver on the Tree
Cooper, Susan –pb- The Grey King
Cottam, F G –hb- The House of Lost Souls donated
Coveny, Michael -pb -A Bright Particular Star (Maggie Smith Biography)
Cox, Michael –hb- The Meaning of Night: A Confession
Cox, Michael –hb- The Glass of Time
Cross, Tom -hb- The Way of Wizards (Brent)
Curtis, Tony –hb- American Prince: A Memoir (Biography signed)

Dahl, Roald –pb- TheWitches
Dahl, Roald –pb- BFG donated
Dalby, Richard,-hb- The Mammoth Book of Victorian and Edwardian Ghost Stories
Dann, Jack –hb- Wizards (Carl)
Dashner, James –hb- The Journal of Curious Letters (13th Reality ) (Brent)
Datlow, Ellen -tpb -Fantasy & Horror
Davidson, Andrew –hb- The Gargoyle (debi)
De Lint, Charles –tpb- The Wild Wood (gave away)
De Mari, Silvana- pb- Last Dragon (Brent)
DiCamillo, Kate –pb- The Tale of Despereaux (gave away)
DiCamillo, Kate –pb- The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane donated
DiCamillo, Kate –hb- The Magicians Elephant (gave away)
Dickens, Charles –hb- David Copperfield
Dickens, Charles –hb- The Old Curiosity Shop
Dickens, Charles –hb- A Christmas Carol
Dickens, Charles –hb-Great Expectations
Dickens, Charles-hb- Oliver Twist
Dickens, Charles-hb- Pickwick
Dickens, Charles-hb-Tale of Two Cities
Dickens, Charles-hb- Bleak House
Dillard, J M -pb- Star Trek Recovery (signed by DeForest)(carl)
Donaldson, Stephen -hb- The One Tree
Donaldson, Stephen- hb -The Power that Preserves
Donaldson, Stephen -hb -The Illearth War
Donaldson, Stephen -hb -Lord Fouls Bane
Donaldson, Stephen -hb -The Runes of the Earth
Donaldson, Stephen -hb -White Gold Wielder
Donaldson, Stephen -hb –Woundedland
Donaldson, Stephen –hb- Fatal Revenant
Donaldson, Stephen-hb- Against All Things Ending
Donnelly, Jennifer –hb- A Northern Light (gave away)
Donohue, Keith –pb- The Stolen Child (David)
Doohan, James –pb- Beam Me Up Scotty
Dougan, Andy –pb- Robin Williams (donated)
Douglas, Edward – hb- Jack: The Great Seducer
Downer, Ann –hb- Hatching Magic (Brent)
Downer, Ann - hb – The Dragon of Never-Was (Brent)
Doyle, Arthur Conan- hb- Complete Sherlock Holmes(gave away)
Doyle, Arthur Conan- tpb- Hound of the Baskervilles
Doyle, Arthur Conan –hb-The Works of Doyle
Doyle, Arthur Conan-hb- The Return of Sherlock Holmes
Doyle, Arthur Conan-hb- The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Drake, Salamanda -hb- Dragonsdale (Brent)
Duane, Diane-hb- So You Want to be a Wizard (Brent)
Dudgeon, Piers –hb- Neverland: J M Barrie
Dumas, Alexandre –hb- The Three Musketeers
Dunkle, Clare B –hb- The Hollow Kingdom
Dunkle, Clare B –pb- Close Kin
Dunkle, Clare B –pb- In the Coils of the Snake
Du Maurier, Daphnie- pb- Rebecca
Du Maurier, Daphnie-pb- The King’s General
Duirwaigh-hb- A Knock at the Door

Eagland, Jane –hb- Wildthorn
Ebson, Buddy –hb- The Other Side of Oz
Eddings, David- hb- Demon Lord of Karanda
Eddings, David -hb- Redemption of Althalus donated
Eddings, David -hb- Polgara
Eddings, David -hb- Belgarath the Sorcerer
Eddings, David -pb- Castle of Wizardry
Eddings, David -pb -Domes of Fire
Eddings, David -pb- Enchanters End Game
Eddings, David -pb -Magicians Gambit
Eddings, David -pb- Pawn of Prophecy
Eddings, David -pb- Queen of Sorcery
Eddings, David -pb- The Guardians of the West
Eddings, David -pb -The Hidden City
Eddings, David -pb- The King of Murgos
Eddings, David -pb -The Seeress of Kell
Eddings, David -pb- The Shining Ones
Eddings, David -pb -The Sorcerer of Darshiva
Eddings, David – hb- The Belgaraid Pt 1
Eddings, David – hb – The Belgaraid Pt 2
Eddings, David –hb- The Ruby Knight
Eddings, David –hb- The Diamond Throne
Eddings, David –hb- The Sapphire Rose
Eddison, E R -pb -Zimiamvia: A Trilogy
Edwards, E G-hb- Book of Ebenezer Le Page
Egan, Jennifer –pb- The Keep(donated)
Eugenides, Jffrey –pb- Middlesex

Falk, Peter –hb- Just One More Thing: Stories From My Life (donated)
Farmer, Nancy –hb- The Sea of Trolls (gave away)
Farmer, Nancy –hb- The Land of the Silver Apples (gave away)
Farmer, Nancy –hb- The Islands of the Blessed (gave away)
Ferrigno, Lou -pb -Lou Ferrigno (signed)
Fforde, Jasper-hb- Thursday Next
Fisher, Jude -hb -The Return of the King visual companion (3 signatures)
Fisher, Jude- hb -The Two Towers visual companion (3 signatures)
Flagg, Fannie –hb- Welcome to the World Baby Girl(donated)
Flaubert, Gustave-hb- Madame Bovary
Flynn, Errol –pb- My Wicked Wicked Ways
Folett, Ken –pb- Pillars of the Earth
Fowler, Michael-hb- Crimson Petal
Franklin, Tom –hb- Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter: A Novel (chris)
French, Tana –pb- In the Woods (Dotty)
Funke, Cornelia -hb -Dragon Rider(gave away)
Funke, Cornelia -hb- Inkheart
Funke, Cornelia -hb- Inkspell
Funke, Cornelia –hb- Inkdeath
Funke, Cornelia- hb -Lord Thief(gave away)
Funke, Cornelia –hb- Igraine the Brave (gave away)
Funke, Cornelia-hb- When Santa Fell to Earth

Gabler, Neal- tpb- Walt Disney
Gaiman, Neil –hb- Mirrormask(gave away)
Gaiman, Neil –pb- Stardust (Brent)
Gaiman, Neil –hb- The Graveyard Book (Brent)
Garcia, Kami –hb- Beautiful Creatures
Garland, Patrick –hb- The Incomparable Rex
George, Jessica Day-hb- Dragon Slippers (Brent)
Gibson , Edward –hb- Reach
Giddins, Gary-hb- Bing Crosby
Gish, Lilian –hb- The Movies, Mr Griffith and Me
Glenn, John -hb -John Glenn signed
Gottfried, Martin -hb- Balancing Act (biography)
Gray, Beverly-hb- Ron Howard: From Mayberry to the Moon (autographed)
Grossman, Lev –hb- The Magicians: A Novel (gave away)
Gruber, Michael –hb- Book of Air and Shadows (donated)
Gruen, Sara –tpb- Water for Elephants donated
Gurney, James –tpb- Dinotopia (softback) (Brent)

Hack, Richard -hb- Hughes (biography)donated
Hale, Shannon –tpb- The Goose Girl (gave away)
Harris, Joanne – hb- Runemarks (Carl)
Harwood, John- pb- The Ghost Writer (David)
Hawthorne, Nathaniel-hb- The Scarlet Letter
Haydon, Elizabeth-hb- The Floating Island
Haydon, Elizabeth –hb- The Thief Queens Daughter
Haydon, Elizabeth –hb- The Dragon’s Lair
Hedren, Tippi -hb -The Cats of Shambala (signed)
Helgerson, Joseph –pb- Horns and Wrinkles (Brent)
Hepburn, Katharine- pb- Me : Stories of my Life(biography)
Herbert, James –hb- The Secret of Crickley Hall
Herriot, James –pb- All Creatures Great and Small
Herriot James –pb- All Things Bright & Beautiful
Herrmann, Dorothy –tpb- Helen Keller
Higgons, F.E. –hb- The Bone Magician donated
Hildebrant & Nichols -pb- Urshurak
Hill, Joe- tpb- 20th Century Ghosts
Hines, Jim C -pb- Goblin Quest (Brent)
Hoffman, Alice –pb- Practical Magic(gave away)
Holmberg, James J –hb- By His Own Hand? Mysterious Death of Merriweather Lewis
Huff, Tanya –hb- The Enchantment Emporium (cath)
Hunt, Stephen –hb- The Court of Air
Hunt, Stephen –hb- The Kingdom beyond the Waves
Huston, John -hb- An Open Book (Biography)

Ivey, Eowyn-hb- The Snow Child

James, Emmett –pb- Admit One: A Journey into Film(gave away_
Jenkins, Harry -pb- Harrison Ford (Biography)
Johnson,Maureen –hb- The Name of the Star
Jones, Chris –hb- Too Far from Home
Jones, Diana Wynn –pb- A Charmed Life (Brent)

Kaplan, Fred –hb- Dickens
Kearsley, Susanna- pb- The Winter Sea donated
Kearsley, Susanna-pb- The Rose Garden donated
King, Laurie R –hb- The Moor (pat)
King, Laurie R- pb- The Beekeepers Apprentice
King, Laurie R –pb- A Monstrous Regiment of Women(gave away)
King, Laurie R –pb- A Letter of Mary(gave away)
King, Laurie R –hb- O Jerusalem(gave away)
King, Laurie R –hb- Justice Hall(gave away)
King, Laurie R –hb- The Game(gave away)
King, Laurie R –hb-Locked Rooms(gave away)
King, Laurie R –arc- The Language of Bees gave away
King, Laurie R –ARC- Touchstone
King, Laurie R –tpb- Folly. donated
King, Ross –hb- Ex Libris: A Novel
King, Stephen-hb- Under the Dome
Kiraly, Marie- tpb- Mina
Klause, Annette Curtis –hb- Freaks: Alive, on the Inside(Brent)
Knight, E E - tpb- Dragon Champion(gave away)
Knight, E E - tpb- Dragon Avenger(gave away)
Knight, E E –tpb- Dragon Outcast(gave away)
Knight, E E –tpb- Dragon Strike(gave away)
Knudsen, Michelle –hb- TheDragon of Trelian(Brent)
Koenig, Walter -pb- Buck Alice and the Actor Robot
Koenig, Walter- pb -Chekov’s Enterprise
Koenig, Walter –hb- Warped Factors
Kostova, Elizabeth –hb- The Historian
Kranz, Gene- hb- Failure is not an Option

Lahr, John –hb- Notes of a Cowardly Lion
Landy, Derek –hb- Skulduggery Pleasant(gave away)
Laurie, Victoria –hb- Oracles of Delphi Keep
Lawhead, Stephen R-tpb- Hood (bk1)
Lawhead, Stephen R –hb- Scarlet (bk2)
Lawhead, Stephen R –hb- Tuck (bk3)
Leonov, Alexei & Scott, Dave –tpb- Two Sides of the Moon
Levine, Kristin –hb- The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had (gave away. Excellent book)
Lewis, C.S –tpb- Narnia (3)
Lindskold, Jane- pb- Brother to Dragons Companion to Owls (Carl)
Lord, Graham –hb- Niv: The Authorized Biography of David Niven
Louvish, Simon –hb- Stan and Ollie
Louvish, Simon –hb- Cecil B DeMille: A Life in Art
Louvish, Simon –pb- Monkey Business: the Lives and Legends of the Marx Bros.
Louvish, Simon-hb- Man on the Flying Trapeze (WC Fields)
Louvish, Simon-hb- Keystone: the Life and Clowns of Mack Sennet
Lovell, -hb- An Unpardonable Crime
Lucas, George -hb -The Creative Impulse
Lumet, Sidney –pb- Making Movies (donated)
Lupton, Rosamund-hb- Sister: A Novel

MacDonald, Betty –hb- The Egg and I donated
Macpherson, Malcolm –hb- The Cowboy and His Elephant (ella)
Maltin, Leonard –pb- The Little Rascals: The Life and Times of Our Gang
Mantchev, Lisa –hb- Eyes Like Stars: Theatre Illuminata, Act I(donated)
Marr, Melissa –pb- Wicked Lovely(gave away)
Marr, Melissa-hb- Graveminder gave away
Martel, Yann –hb- Life of Pi (donated)
Martin, George RR –hb- The Ice Dragon (Brent)
Martinez, A. Lee –pb- In the Company of Ogres (Brent)
Martinez, A. Lee –hb- Gil’s All Fright Diner
Martinez, A Lee –pb- A Nameless Witch (donated)
McBride, Joseph-hb- Searching for John Ford
McCaffrey, Anne & Todd -hb- Dragons Fire (donated)
McCaffrey, Anne & Todd -hb- Dragons Kin (donated)
McCaffrey, Anne -hb -First Fall (Chronicles of Pern)
McCaffrey, Anne -hb- The Skies of Pern
McCaffrey, Anne- hb- Dragon Riders of Pern (doubleday)
McCaffrey, Anne -hb- A Gift of Dragons
McCaffrey, Anne -hb- Morita
McCaffrey, Anne -hb -Renegades of Pern
McCaffrey, Anne -hb -The Girl Who Heard Dragons
McCaffrey, Anne -hb- Weyrs of Pern
McCaffrey, Anne -tpb -Dragon Flight
McCaffrey, Anne -tpb -Dragon Singer
McCaffrey, Anne -hb -Nerikas Story
McCaffrey, Anne -tpb- Dragon Drums
McCaffrey, Anne -tpb -Dragon Quest
McCaffrey, Anne -tpb -Dragon Song
McCaffrey, Anne -hb -Dragons Dawn
McCaffrey, Anne -hb -Dragonseye
McCaffrey, Anne -hb -Masterharper of Pern
McCaffrey, Anne -pb- The Dolphins of Pern (signed)
McCaffrey, Anne –hb- The Dolphins of Pern
McCaffrey, Anne- tpb -The White Dragon
McCaffrey, Anne & Todd –hb- Dragon Harper (donated)
McCaffrey, Todd -hb -Dragons Blood (donated)
McCaffrey, Todd –hb- Dragonheart (donated)
McCaffrey, Todd-hb- Dragongirl (donated)
McCaffrey, Anne & Todd-hb- Dragon’s Time (donated)
McEwan, Ian, -hb- Atonement
McGill, Bernie –hb- The Butterfly Cabinet:A Novel gave away
McKinley, Robin –hb- Dragonhaven (Brent)
Mee, Benjamin-hb- We Bought a Zoo(ella)
Meldrum, Christina –hb- Madapple (Chris)
Meyer, Nicholas –hb- View From the Bridge: Memories of ST & Life in Hollywood
Meyer, Nicholas –hb- The West End Horror
Meyer, Nicholas –hb- The Canary Trainer
Meyer, N icholas-hb- Seven Percent Solution
Michener, James A –hb- Space
Miller, Laura –hb- A Magicians Book: A Skeptic’s Adventures in Narnia
Miller, Lucasta –hb- The Bronte Myth
Milne, A A –hb- Winnie the Pooh
Montgomery, L. M. –hb- Anne of Green Gables 100th Anniversary(donated)
Morgenstern, Erin –hb- The Night Circus
Morton, Kate –hb- The House at Riverton (donated)
Morton, Kate –hb- The Forgotten Garden
Morton, Kate-hb- The Distant Hours
Mull, Brandon - hb- Fablehaven (Brent)
Mull, Brandon - hb- Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star (Brent)
Mull, Brandon –hb- Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague (Brent)
Mull, Brandon –hb- Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon (Brent)
Mull, Brandon –hb- Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison (Brent)
Mull, Brandon –hb- Candy Shop War (Brent)
Murphy, Rita –hb- Bird(gave away)

Neff, Henry H –hb- The Hound of Rowan
Neff, Henry H –hb- The Second Siege
Nelson, Craig-hb- Rocket Men
Newberry, Linda –hb- At the Firefly Gate (gave away)
Nichols, Nichelle –hb- Beyond Uhura
Niffenegger, Audrey-pb- The Time Travelers Wife(gave away)
Nimoy, Leonard-hb- I Am Spock
Niven, David –hb- Bring on the Empty Horses
Nix, Garth –tpb-Sabriel (Brent)
Nix, Garth- tpb- Lirael (Brent)
Nix, Garth –tpb- Abhorsen (Brent)
Novik, Naomi –tpb- In His Majesty’s Service (3 in1 bk)
Nye, Jody Lynn – hb- An Unexpected Apprentice (Brent)

O’Dell, Scott –hb- Island of the Blue Dolphins (gave away)
Odom, Mel –hb- The Rover(gave away)
Odom, Mel –hb- Lord of The Libraries(gave away)
Odom, Mel –hb- The Destruction of Books(gave away)
Odom, Mel –hb- The Quest for the Trilogy(gave away)
O’Hara, Maureen –pb- “Tis Herself: An Autobiography
Owen, James A –hb- Here, There Be Dragons(gave away)
Owen, James A –hb- Search for the Red Dragon(gave away)
Owen, James A –hb- The Indigo King(gave away)
Owen, James A –hb- The Shadow Dragons(gave away)

Palma, Felix J-hb- A Map of Time: A Novel
Paterson, Katherine -hb- Bridge To Terabithia(gave away)
Pattou, Edith –pb- East (donated)
Paolini, Christopher -hb- Eldest (Brent)
Paolini, Christopher -hb- Eragon (Brent)
Paolini, Christopher –hb- Brisingr (Brent)
Pears, Iain –hb- Stone’s Fall
Pearl, Matthew-pb- The Last Dickens
Peterson, Andrew –pb- On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness: "(Carl)
Picardie, Justine –hb- Daphne: A Novel
Plummer, Christopher –hb- In Spite of Myself: A Memoir
Potter, Beatrix –hb- A Childs Treasury of Beatrix Potter
Prattchatt, Terry –tpb- Wee Free Men
Pratchatt, Terry –hb- the Bromelaid Trilogy
Pratchett, Terry-hb- I shall Wear Midnight
Prineas, Sarah –hb-The Magic Thief(gave away)
Prineas, Sarah –hb- The Magic Thief: Lost(gave away)
Pryor, Ian –hb- Peter Jackson (donated)
Pullman, Philip-tpb- His Dark Materials (trilogy)
Pullman, Philip- hb- Once Upon a Time in the North (gave away)

Quinn, Jeff –tpb- Christmas Chronicles

Reagan, Nancy –hb- My Turn(donated)
Reese, James- tbr- The Dracula Dossier
Richards, Justin –pb- The Death Collector (Brent)
Riggs, Ransom-hb- Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
Rioux, Terry -pb- From Sawdust to Stardust (biography/author signed)
Robertson, Imogen-hb- Instruments of Darkness: A Novel
Roirdan, Rick –pb- bks 1-3 Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Rothfuss, Patrick-hb- The Name of the Wind
Rothfuss, Patrick-hb- The Wise Man’s Fear
Rowlings, JK -hb- Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Rowlings, JK -hb- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows
Rowlings, JK- hb- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Rowlings, JK -hb -Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Rowlings, JK -hb -Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Rowlings, JK -hb -Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Rowlings, JK -hb -Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
Rowlings, JK –hb- The Tales of Beedle the Bard (brent)
Ruckley, Brian-pb- The Edinburgh Dead
Rutherfurd, Edward –hb- The Forest
Rutherfurd, Edward-hb- London
Rutherfurd, Edward-hb- The Princes of Ireland

Sage, Angie -hb- Flyte(gave away)
Sage, Angie- hb- Magyk(gave away)
Sage, Angie -hb- Physik (gave away)
Sage, Angie – hb- Queste(gave away)
Sage, Angie –hb- Syren(gave away)
Salvatore, RA- pb- The Icewind Dale Trilogy
Salvatore, RA-pb- Dragons: Worlds Afire
Saunders, Malcolm -hb- The Dragon Chronicles: The lost journals of the great Wizard (gave away)Septimus Argorius
Seabrook, Jane-hb- Furry Logic: A Guide to Life’s Little Challenges
Savage, J Scott –tpb/arc- Far World: Water Keep (gave away)
Savage, J Scott –hb- Far World: Land Keep (gave away)
Scarborouch, Eliz. Ann –hb- The Lady in the Loch (donated)
Schlitz, Laura Amy –hb- A Drowned maiden’s Hair(donated)
Scott, Michael –hb- The Sorceress
Scott, Michael –hb- The Warlock
Scott, Michael –hb- The Alchemyst
Scott, Michael –hb- The Magician
Scott, Michael –hb- The 13 Hallows
Sensel, Joni –hb- The Farwalker’s Quest (gave away)
Sensel Joni –hb- Reality Leak (donated)
Setterfield, Diane –hb- The Thirteenth Tale
Shaffer, Mary Ann-pb- The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
Shatner, William –hb- Star Trek Memories
Shatner, Willian-hb- Star Trek Movie Memories
Sheck, Laurie –hb- A Monster’s Notes (donated)
Shimerman, Armin –hb- The Merchant Prince
Shulman, Polly –hb- The Grimm Legacy
Sibley, Brian -pb -The Lord of the Rings, The Making of the Trilogy
Sibley, Brian -hb- The Lord of the Rings Official Movie Guide (4 signatures)
Silverberg, Robert-hb- Legends (multiple authors)
Silverberg, Robert -hb- Legends II (multiple authors)
Simmons, Dan –hb- Drood: A Novel
Simmons, Dan –hb- The Terror
Simner, Janni Lee –hb- Bones of Faerie (Brent)
Skye, Obert – hb – Leven Thumps, Gateway to Foo (Brent)
Skye, Obert – hb- Leven Thumps, Whispered Secret (Brent)
Skye, Obert –hb- Leven Thumps, Eyes of Want (Brent)
Skye, Obert –hb- Pillage (Brent)
Slayton/ Cassutt -pb- Deke!
Smith, Andrew -hb- Moondust: In Search of Men Who Fell To Earth
Smith ACH –pb- The Dark Crystal
Smith, Starr-pb- Jimmy Stewart: Bomber Pilot
Soren, Sasha –hb- Random Magic
Stace, Wesley –hb- Misfortune
Staford, Thomas P-hb- We Have Capture
Standiford, Les –hb- The Man Who Invented Christmas
Stenn, David –pb- Clara Bow: Runnin’ Wild
Stewart, Mary –pb- Thornyhold
Stewart, Mary-pb- Nine Coaches Waiting
Stewart, Mary –hb- Rose Cottage
Stewart, Mary-hb- The Prince and the Pilgrim(gave away)
Stewart, Mary-hb- The Spell of Mary Stewart
Stewart, Trenton Lee & Carson Ellis-hb- The Mysterious Benedict Society (gave away)
Stoker, Bram –hb- Dracula
Stone, Tanya Lee –pb- Almost Astronauts
Strachan, Jackie(edit) –hb- The Fantasy Art Bible
Stroud, Johathan –hb- Heroes of the Valley (Brent)
Stroud, Jonathan- hb – The Amulet of Samarkand
Stroud, Jonathan –hb- The Golem’s Eye
Stroud, Jonathan- hb- Ptolemy’s Gate
Stroud, Jonathan- pb- Buried Fire
Stroud, Jonathatn-hb- The Ring of Solomon
Sturrock, Donald –hb- Storyteller (Roald Dahl)
Summerscale, Kate –pb- The Suspicions of Mr Whicher (cath)

Takei, George –hb- To the Stars: The Autobiography of George Takei
Taraborrelli, J Randy –hb- Elizabeth
Tarte, Bob –pb- Enslaved by Ducks (Carl)
Taylor, Andres-hb- The Anatomy of Ghosts
Taylor, Andrew –hb- An Unpardonable Crime
Taylor, D J –hb- Kept (gave away)
Thomson, Sarah L –hb- Dragons Egg (Brent)
Tinti, Hannah –hb- The Good Thief
Tobin, Betsy –pb- Ice Lane: A Novel
Tofield, Simon –pb- Simon’s Cat(chris)
Tolkien, JRR- hb -The Fellowship of the Ring
Tolkien, JRR -hb- The Hobbit
Tolkien, JRR- hb -The Return of the King
Tolkien, JRR -hb -The Two Towers
Tolkien, JRR –hb- The Sillmarillion
Torregrossa, Richard-hb- Cary Grant
Trimble, Bjo -pb -On The Good Ship Enterprise
Trofimuk, Thomas –hb- Waiting for Columbus (chris)
Trollope, Anthony –hb- The Small House at Allington
Trollope, Anthony –hb- The Barchester Towers
Turgeon, Carolyn –pb- Godmother: The Secret Cinderella Story
Turgeon, Carolyn –hb- Rain Village (gave away)
Turner, Megan Whalen –pb- The Thief (gave away)
Tuttle, Lisa –pb- The Silver Bough (Carl)

Valente, Catherynne M- tpb- The Orphan’s Tales: In the Night Garden
Valente, Catherynne M –tpb- The Orphan’s Tales: In the Cities of Coin & Spice
Von Daniken, Erich -pb -Chariots of the Gods
Von Daniken, Erich –hb- Pathway to the Gods

Wagner, Jane -hb- The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe
Wake, Jenny -pb- The Making of King Kong (signed/Andy Serkis)
Wallace, Daniel –hb- Mr Sebastian and the Negro Magician (Brent)
Walton, Jo –hb- Among Others
Walton, Jo –hb- Tooth & Claw
Waters, Sarah-hb- The Little Stranger(gave away)
Waters, Sarah-hb- Fingersmith
Waters, Sarah-hb- The Night Watch
Watson, Coy Jr –pb- The Keystone Kid
Webster, Jean –pb- Daddy Long Legs (donated)
Weis, Margaret -pb -A Quest Lovers Treasury of the Fantastic (multiple authors)
Weis, Margaret-hb- Shadow Raiders: bk 1 Dragon Brigade
White, Karen –pb- The Lost Hours (donated)
White, Karen –pb- On Folly Beach
Whitfield, Eileen –pb- Pckford: The Woman Who Made Hollywood
Wilce, Ysabeau S –hb- Flora Segunda (gave away)
Wilson, N D –hb- 100 Cupboards (Brent)
Wilson, N D –hb- Dandelion Fire (Brent)
Windling, Terri –pb- The Wood Wife(donated)
Wolfe, Gene –hb- The Knight (Carl)
Wolfe, Gene –hb- The Wizard (Carl)
Worden, Al-hb- Falling to Earth:Apollo 15 Astronaut’s Journey to the Moon
Wrede. Patricia C –hb- Thirteenth Child (gave away)
Wrede, Patricia C – hb- Sorcery and Cecelia(gave away)
Wrede, Patricia C –hb- The Grand Tour(gave away)
Wrede, Patricia C –hb- The Mislaid Magician or Ten Years After(gave away)
Wrede, Patricia C –hb- The Enchanted Forest Chronicles
Wrede, Patricia C –hb- Magic & Malice: Mairlon the Magician/ Magicians Ward
Wroblewski, David –hb- The Story of Edgar Sawtelle: A Novel (donated)

Yancy, Rick-hb- The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp (Brent)

Zafon, Carlos Ruiz –pb- The Shadow of the Wind (excellent!)
Zafor, Carlos Ruiz -hb- The Angel’s Game
Zafor, Carlos Ruiz –hb- Prince of Mist (gave away)
Zusak, Markus –pb- I am The Messenger
Zusak, Markus-pb- The Book Thief


Achilleos, Chris-hb-Beauty and the Beast (fantasy art)
Beck, Jerry-hb- I Tawt I taw A Puddy Tat (50 years of Sylvester and Tweety)
Burnett & Fenner -hb- Spectrum III (fantasy art)
Corben, Richard-pb- ART (fantasy art)
Frazetta, Frank-pb- The Fantastic Art of Frank Frazetta
Frazetta, Frank-pb- Frank Frazetta Book Two (fantasy art)
Frazetta, Frank-pb- Frank Frazetta Book Three (fantasy art)
Frazetta, Frank-pb- Frank Frazetta Book Four (fantasy art)
Froud, Brian –pb- The World of the Dark Crystal
Hershenson, Bruce (published)-pb-Cartoon Move Posters (signed :the voice of Donald Duck)
Hildebrandt-pb- The Art of The Brothers Hildebrandt (fantasy art)
Kelly, Ken -pb- Ken Kelly (art) (signed)
Rankin & Bass -pb- The Hobbit (art from the cartoon)
Rowena -hb- The Fantastic Art of Rowena (fantasy art)
Singer, A I -hb- Beauty and the Beast (artist Ron Dias/ signed)
Singer, A I -hb-The Little Mermaid (artist Ron Dias/ Signed)
Struzan, Drew –hb- Posterbook
Sweet, Darrell K-pb- Beyond Fantasy (fantasy art)
Vallejo, Boris-pb- Fantasy Art Techniques
Vallejo, Boris-pb- Mirage (fantasy art)
Vallejo, Boris-pb-The Fantastic Art of Boris Vallejo (fantasy art)
Whelan, Michael-pb- Wonderworks (science fiction and fantasy art)


nessie said...

I love Caroline Funke's books and can not wait for Inkheart to come out this March! Lots of Fantasy - my favorite genre as well.

Stacey Huston said...

Now THAT is a library.. WOW

Framed said...

Very impressive. I can't believe you took the time to list all of them, and alphabetically at that.

DesLily said...

framed: I made the original list when the amount was under 200 books and added as I bought from then.. as for the alphabetically.. well I do them in "word".. and all I do is highlight and click to put them in alphabetical order!

claire said...

Wow, that's an impressive collection of fantasy books! I've read only a handful of fantasy, although it's one of my most favourite genres. :D

Booklogged said...

Wow - that's impressive. This proves beyond a doubt that you are truly a fantasy reader. I do see that you like the Laurie King series. Me, too. I think a list of my books would contain a lot of mysteries. I keep thinking I'm going to get my daughter help me with a list of my books. I may be waiting a long time!

Jenny said...

431... do you have shelf space for them, or are you like me and store them in boxes under the bed and in piles on any available surface? :P

There are loads here that i have read and loved and plenty that are new to me (i've just gone and updated my amazon wishlist!) impressive list :)

Hallo said...

SO many!!! I can't imagine that I'll read that many. Don't you do other things? hehehehe...

Nice to know this blog!

Regards from Belgium